Renaming Workflow Steps, Xcode 13.0, Carthage on iOS

New Feature
Announcement - Rename Workflow Steps

🆕 New Feature

  • You can now rename workflow steps.
  • Carthage Dependency Manager for iOS is available as a workflow step
  • Xcode 13.0 Public release is available.

💪 Improvement

  • We've added build number next to version number on artifacts distributed to testers.
  • Improved commit and build listing for very large projects.
  • Added iPhone 12 to emulator module.
  • Improved iOS certificate and provisioning profile matching algorithm.
  • Workflow name added as title of the build logs detail screen.
  • Small UI improvements



  • Fixed a bug where pasting SSH private key would add newlines to the key.
  • Fetch details on branch config defaults to Xcode 12.5.x instead of 12.0.
  • Custom script workflow step didn't select any language initially. It selects bash now.
  • Fixed some merge commits not triggering auto-build issue.
  • Fixed an issue where workflow starting time was different from the user's local time.

Release Notes:

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