Announcement - Refresh Repository Connection

🆕 New Feature

A branch or a commit is missing? You can refresh repository connections for GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket repositories. Just look for the refresh icon on top of the branch list.

💪 Improvement

Build Notifications will sync between browsers and devices now.

Removed unnecessary version texts from build steps on log panels.

Build logging is improved for larger projects that have half a million lines of build logs.

🐞 Fixed

Sometimes recent build logs were not displaying properly. Fixed.

Branch pinning was not syncing between browsers.

Some users weren't able to display the build artifacts after a successful build. It happened on way old builds too. Now they are accessible.

Slack Distribution notifications didn't include platform info. Now they do and they won't look like double notifications for builds that have multiple distribution configs.

Some large builds were uploading their artifacts very slowly. Now they are much faster.

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