New updates and improvements to Appcircle.

  1. Renaming Workflow Steps, Xcode 13.0, Carthage on iOS

    New Feature
    Announcement - Rename Workflow Steps

    🆕 New Feature

    • You can now rename workflow steps.
    • Carthage Dependency Manager for iOS is available as a workflow step
    • Xcode 13.0 Public release is available.

    💪 Improvement

    • We've added build number next to version number on artifacts distributed to testers.
    • Improved commit and build listing for very large projects.
    • Added iPhone 12 to emulator module.
    • Improved iOS certificate and provisioning profile matching algorithm.
    • Workflow name added as title of the build logs detail screen.
    • Small UI improvements


    • Fixed a bug where pasting SSH private key would add newlines to the key.
    • Fetch details on branch config defaults to Xcode 12.5.x instead of 12.0.
    • Custom script workflow step didn't select any language initially. It selects bash now.
    • Fixed some merge commits not triggering auto-build issue.
    • Fixed an issue where workflow starting time was different from the user's local time.

    Release Notes:

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  2. Announcement - Certificate Mgmt

    Appcircle version 2.6.0 is released! 🎉

    With this release, we're adding the ability to connect to Apple for easier iOS Certificate and Provisioning Profile management. You can now add an App Store Connect API Key to your account and with it, Appcircle will list all the certificates and provisioning profiles you have on your Apple Developer account.

    🆕 New Feature

    - Flutter version 2.5.0 is released in their stable channel. You can now use this latest stable version on Appcircle.

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  3. Announcement - Repo UI

    Appcircle version 2.5.0 is released! 🎉

    🆕 New Feature

    • iOS builds will be using Xcode 13 Beta 5 if 13.0.x is selected as Xcode version.
    • Appcircle is now more secure with Two Factor Authentication 🔒 Refer to this documentation to secure your account 🔑
    • Appcircle now supports Android V2 Signature Scheme out of the box. 

    💪 Improvement

    • Repository Connection now has a new look and feel! Refer to this documentation to see the new connection screens or dive right into connection module to check our new simplified experience!

    📑 Documentation

    • If you use a single profile to produce multiple apps, we have written a new documentation about how to utilize your Product Variants(Android) or Multiple Targets(iOS) within Appcircle!

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